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Quick Guide: Buy bitcoin in 5 minutes

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Before you decide to purchase bitcoin we have a disclaimer. Bitcoin is currently on a massive upswing and there is likely a bubble forming. This doesn’t mean the coin is worthless but it means you should not buy recklessly. Bitcoin is still in the very early stages and as such it is very volatile, it is a very high-risk asset and you should not buy more than you can afford to lose. If you have decided that you still wish to purchase a stake, we have the quick guide buy below. In order to get a free $10 worth of Bitcoin use our invitation to Coinbase here.

Join Coinbase

Sign Up to Coinbase

Create your free account in a matter of seconds with the most popular Bitcoin purchase site.

Verify your identity

Do this by taking a photo of a drivers licence or photo ID

Add Debit Card

Adding a Debit Card allows you to make an instant purchase

Purchase your coins

Simply buy the amount of Bitcoins you want. If you buy $100 you will get an extra $10 of bitcoins with the links below.