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Nitrogen Sports Review - Betting Bitcoin - The definitive Bitcoin Betting guide

Nitrogen Sports Review

  • Extensive Sports coverage
  • Competitive odds
  • Fast Transactions
  • Good Casino offerings
  • No Licence Information
  • No Sign-Up Bonus

Nitrogen is owned by a Company based in Costa Rica. It’s relatively new cryptocurrency gambling site which mainly offers sports betting. It was one of the more prominent Sportsbooks in the market but offers good Casino offerings to those interested in a broad range of gambling.





Range of Games & Services






Range of Games & Services

Owned by a company based in San Jose, Costa Rica, NitrogenSports is a relatively new cryptocurrency gambling venue which predominantly offers sports betting services, while at the same time boasting an impressive casino options as well.

With betting at the centre of attention, it’s fair to say that NitrogenSports is one of the most impressive Bitcoin bookmakers we’ve encountered. To start it off on a highly positive note for all of you who are thinking about diving into the world of online sports betting, NitrogenSports boasts a fantastic instructional blog that will walk you through all the essentials with betting online and particularly with betting using Bitcoin as a still relatively unknown concept.

NitrogenSports invested a great deal of attention in setting up a perfectly-working betting interface that allows you to bet on a huge variety of sports and competitions alike. This sportsbook is a predictive one and will automatically set up parlays as you choose two different matches, whereas a selection of teasers is available for football matches which only makes it ever so interesting to bet.

NitrogenSports also boasts a live In-Play betting facility of selected sports which is a difference-maker in this competitive industry.

It should be noted that NitrogenSports is up there on the same level with some of world’s top bookmakers in terms of odds competitiveness. The minimal bet you can make here stands at 0.001 BTC whereas the maximum is staggering 15 BTC.

Other services available at NitrogenSports are Casino + Play Poker.

The most impressive aspect of the sideshow services offered at this cryptocurrency sportsbook is the fact casino games at NitrogenSports are available on the provably fair software which operated on a 1% house edge.

Nitrogen Dice is perhaps the most outstanding game in the entire casino offer with which players are given the opportunity to bet on high or low roll with all rolling done manually. In addition to Dice game, there is also a game of Baccarat to be enjoyed and different versions of Blackjack – one-deck, two-deck and eight-deck – all provably fair as well.

NitrogenSports Casino also boasts slot games – actually a single game at the moment of writing this review – the Knockout.

Three-card poker is also on offer although the poker tables can be accessed via a new window in a specialised poker section found on this site.


NitrogenSports Sportsbook and Casino features a neat interface which allows seamless navigation through different sections of the site such as betting, casino, poker or the Help & Support page.

Simplified usability of the website will allow you to place bets in a straightforward manner at the same time making the site pleasant for all users that are perhaps just beginning to try their luck in a cryptocurrency world of betting.

One of the most impressive aspect of the site’s usability is the simple process of logging into your account. You are allowed to access your account by simply typing in your customer address which is an unparalleled logging method in a betting world. Knowing that you don’t need a username or password to get in might be a warning sign for all of security-aware players, but the convenience of this method is too good to ignore.

Bonus and Offers

Arguably the biggest problem we have with this website is the lack of deposit bonuses. An upfront bonus is a really neat way to attract new players and expand the player base. This oldest trick in the book is not up to NitrogenSports’ liking though.

Instead, the only perk Nitrogen players will get at this website is a refer-a-friend bonus – which is actually a discount – every time you bring a new player to this sportsbook. A commission of 0.3% of the new player’s total wager will be accredited to you regardless of whether the bet is a winning or a losing one. Mind you, this perk is applied to the lifetime of their account.


Deposits and Withdrawals at NitrogenSports are limited to a single currency – Bitcoin. It fairly simple and straightforward as all you need is a Bitcoin wallet and you’re good to go. If, by a chance, you don’t have a wallet, NitrogenSports will walk you through a step-by-step process of grabbing one straight from the toolbar found on top of the site’s page.


Modern and contemporary. That’s how NitrogenSports would like for their customers to see their customer service. And it actually pretty much is that way. A modern approach to customer service is seen through the fact this sportsbook has social media channels as their first line of support. The customer service page on the site itself is plain and simple. The easiest way you can approach NitrogenSports is by acquiring a ticket, whereas you can also send an email and someone is sure to reply as soon as possible.


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