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Santa Claus switches to Blockchain

By December 5, 2017Blog

Over the past 12 months, we decided that The North Pole needs greater transparency and process for the Naughty or Nice list. Blockchain is a must for Xmas 2018.

St. NicholasSanta Claus

Santa sued for wrongful assignment of Naughty status

It’s been a busy year for everyone involved with Blockchain and with Cryptocurrency and we’ve been working with a fat man named Santa on a project for next year.

With the ever-expanding population, the increasing cost of ink and the number of naughty and nice transactions children are completing a new solution is required if he’s to ensure every child get’s a present on Christmas.

Santa is keen to improve transparency after a number of successful appeals by those kids having received coal accidentally. The old paper-based system was run by an Elf who went rogue, editing the naughty or nice list without the approval of St. Nick. He was caught deleting the good deeds from kids he didn’t like and with no backup ledgers, it was a mistake that couldn’t be fixed.

High profile cases like this have been tried through the Fairy Tale Courts this season with the North Pole unable to win a single case. The Fairy Godmother sympathise with St. Nick but rebuked him for allowing such trust to be placed in the hands of one individual.

It’s time for the Naughty or Nice list to modernise. Step Forward Santa Koins.

(The elf in question is currently awaiting trial at the North Pole high court, sentencing is expected early next year).

The Candy Koin Blockchain

Every child is entitled to register with the Candy Koins blockchain and receive 50 free Candy Koins to be stored in their own Stocking (a virtual wallet). These are given out freely by Santa as every child gets a fresh start after Christmas, where a hard fork and chain reset will occur.

Santa’s elves and the child’s parents will keep an eye on their behaviour and whenever they are nice, they will submit a payment request to Santa, and he will send them a Candy Koin.

If they are naughty they will have to send a Candy Koin back to Santa. Throughout the year all the good deeds and the bad will be recorded in this public ledger.

Santa is keen to use Blockchain technology as it will provide him with an immutable list for giving the correct gifts to children. The public ledger will also allow parents and children to keep track of how Santa is rating them and can improve their behaviour if needed.

There is no market cap for Candy Koins as the amount given is solely at the discretion of Santa, he’s a firm believer that there can always be more goodwill.


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