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The simple guide to Quant Network (QNT) - Betting Bitcoin - The definitive Bitcoin Betting guide

The simple guide to Quant Network (QNT)

By July 11, 2019Blog

With the meteoric rise of Quant there has been a lot of poor research by Twitter users and YouTubers which has led to many misconceptions about the QNT token, what it actually does and it’s main uses. This guide offers a simple explanation to the main features of Quant.

The Quant Token (QNT) operates on the Ethereum network and gives access and security to the Overledger system. It is not for use as a currency such as Bitcoin or for settlement such as XRP.

Overledger is an Operating System which allows users to create applications that operate across multiple blockchains. It offers integration between private permissioned blockchains, public blockchains & legacy systems.

There will only be 14,612,493 QNT tokens. When a user creates an app or wants to access the Overledger system, they will purchase tokens from the Quant Treasury, who will in turn purchase QNT tokens from the exchanges.

The Quant Treasury hold these tokens until the licence expires. The more users that use Overledger the more tokens are removed from circulation.

The Overledger system is currently operating in 570 banks in Europe via the partnership with SIA. It is currently been used by number conglomerates and is likely to be revealed to be being used in industries such as healthcare.

When such systems are based integrally on the Overledger system, it’s highly likely that these licences will be renewed in perpetuity. This means the number of tokens locked in the treasury will increase yearly.

If the Overledger system is adopted by major banks and industry it will likely become a core component of Interoperability between legacy systems and multiple blockchain with an unlimited number of clients, all with minimum holding requirements and licence fees.

ETH/ QNT Donation Address: 0x7a93830eE65ae1a161C8760993D06A24721A193D


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